Where should I put my baby grand piano?

Posted by Craig Manchester on

Adding a Tesoro Nero Baby Grand Piano to a room immediately gives the room elegance and sophistication. There is definitely an art in placing a baby grand piano in a room and it does actually need quite a lot of thought. Here are the three main issues to consider when thinking about placing your piano; Sound and Pleasure, Aesthetically Placed, Direct Sunlight and Heating 

Sound and Pleasure

This basically means where are you most likely to get the best sound acoustically from your piano. Even though it is a baby grand piano they are still powerful and they can create a lot of sound. Ideally a place with a high ceiling and hard floor like stone or tile. This would enhance the rich and crisp sound of the piano. 

Aesthetically Placed

Where would it just look the best. Tesoro Nero Bay Grand Pianos are definitely a high impact visual object so I would suggest that you give it pride of place in a room and do not hide it away somewhere.

Direct Sunlight and heating

Pianos shouldn't really be in direct sunlight as it can affect the colouring of the piano. It is also important not to have the piano too near a radiator or fire as the constant changes in temperature will make the piano very slightly grow and shrink which will effect the tuning of the strings. 


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